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Essences of Nature

Essences of Nature Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Flower essences work as tuning forks on the deepest levels. They address many forms of misalignment within the spectrum of human emotions, such as depression (from never feeling quite happy to knockus-on-our-butts blues), many forms of anxiety and OCD (such as feeling terrified around spiders or needing to count to ten every time the phone rings), indifference, apathy, and a general feeling of not belonging or knowing how to engage with life.

Flower essences adjust and modify our energy fields. They enhance our attributes and can delete or modify where we stray from our purpose and soul longings. At their best, they are life affirming and life changing. At a minimum, they are subtle and make us feel more comfortable with ourselves. How can we continue to align and “tune in” with flower essences?