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Essences of Nature: The Energy of Your Focus

Essences of Nature: The Energy of Your Focus Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We all know what a pie chart looks like. It can show us what we place our attention on and where we focus. It can be a good visual tool to see where we put the bulk of our energy and life force. We might think we have a good balance among all the elements of our lives, such as work, love, health, and creative projects. But when we truly look, we might see that we put more attention on work, love relationships, or some other obsession, to the detriment of all other areas.

So when we see how and where we put our focus, does it work for us? Is this where we want to be? Does it work for us to emphasize one area of our lives over others? Do we even know we are doing this? Where and how is our focus best served?