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Benevolent Outcomes: Avert Misfortune

Benevolent Outcomes: Avert Misfortune Tom T. Moore

Tom writes: I’ll begin with one of my own. Our daughter, Shannon, called and asked us to look for a wallet she thought she’d left at our house a couple hours earlier. Dena searched but couldn’t find it. As she was about to go outside, where Shannon had parked her car, Dena said, “I request a most benevolent outcome for—” Before Dena could finish her sentence, Shannon shouted, “I found it!” I remind you that some MBOs can work really fast, while others take longer for everything to come together.
• • •

Severine writes: Two weeks ago, I misplaced some cash. I was one hundred percent sure I’d left it in a particular place. I kept requesting MBOs for a week, keeping faith that I would find it. To my surprise, I discovered the cash yesterday in a box nowhere near the place I thought I’d left it. Thank you.