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You Are Alchemists

You Are Alchemists The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

In 2012, it was deemed that humanity was not ready for ascension. You were physically, mentally, and emotionally incapable of surviving the higher dimensional frequencies required for a planetary shift, so you were given more time. Lightworkers and others assisted in supporting and stabilizing the shifting timelines to allow humans this extension by activating their DNA high enough vibrationally (through spiritual practice) to be able to draw in and assimilate light beamed directly at them in order to recall how to master reality and learn how to exit and to reenter the time matrix via the crystalline grid.

The result was more successful in the six-year time frame than was ever anticipated. More and more of you awaken daily. The portal of the winter solstice, which began on December 21 and ended on January 4, linked you through the time matrix back to December 21, 2012, for another attempt.

At the end of 2018, we closed out an ascension cycle, and some of you experienced your last activations to the new gold-white diamond lightbody. The diamond codes have been accessible since the full moon portals earlier last year, but this sees the culmination of all your previous upgrades. The last activations of this current lightbody, or Merkabah, have been hard for some, causing deep emotional and physical clearings, creating fear, physical pain, and discomfort.