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Reach Out to Others Who Are Open to the Cosmic Truth

Reach Out to Others Who Are Open to the Cosmic Truth Shockara Starbeings through Blue Turtle

Beloved Earth beings, it is critical that you take the time you need to explore the universe and deepen relationship with the Divine presence. As you prepare for sleep at night, ask the healing energies to embrace you and lead you where you need to go to learn in the multidimensions.

When you trust the cosmos in its powerful love and well-being, you will be taken on its wings to the deepest parts of yourself where you need to learn and grow. Sometimes you will feel uncomfortable about what you are undergoing. Know that you are fully protected and loved.

Over time, you will understand completely what is going on in the larger picture of things. Trust the universe totally as you surrender for your highest good and the best circumstances unfolding. You will note how power animals Eagle and Swan serve you to come into your clarity and fulfill gifts.