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Twice in a Blue Moon

Twice in a Blue Moon The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

Sunrise, sunset — time marches on, or so it seems. Its passage is marked only by the silvery Moon as it orbits Earth, casting its influence over the tides of humanity. On March 31, you will see the second blue moon of 2018. And a total lunar eclipse on top of that will set you all on new voyages of discovery!
Many lightworkers, starseeds, and way-showers know that you volunteered to come to Earth during this period of human evolution. You might not know that you have been here many times before. As we have stressed, time is not linear beyond the matrix of your planet. You can exit and re-enter the matrix repeatedly in what you like to call do-overs. Over many resets of Earth time, you have built this ascension brick by brick and stone by stone. You have helped to pave the road that you walk on today.
Younger souls are beginning to follow the vibrational templates you have left imprinted on the field of connectivity. Though many are still resistant to change, some are indeed awakening, and they will clamber over you, as their rise will be almost meteoric. During your slow and sometimes painful journeys of exploring this unchartered territory, you left a trail that can be followed by anyone with a map. But they cannot expect to stand on the shoulders of giants if they have not first knelt naked at the feet of the masters. No one will be permitted to circumvent the arc of genuine spiritual mastery.