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The Initiation of Transition on Earth

The Initiation of Transition on Earth The Council of Transition through Takeli MMagdalen

Beloved ones, I am Mufa. It is my honor to speak for the Council of Transition this day. Your world is about to change dramatically. Those who have governed your planet have now been given their marching orders. A new phase of great transition has begun. What you as humanity will do with your journey now is for you to decide.
Guidance will be offered to all levels of your governments in ways that can no longer be denied. This guidance comes to those of Earth from the highest levels of love, for humanity must prepare for the vibrational shift that will be received by all in the near future, just as has been foretold to you by all who have come to your planet in love.
Remember, there is a level of love guiding all of this that most can scarcely comprehend, and they will be asked to generate a status of love that has a profound shifting of values and of ways of being based in cooperation and peace in honoring others and living from the heart rather than the mind’s fear-based programs. In every way, love will seek answers to humanity’s problems. There will be little choice in the matter, for there will be a guiding hand in command at all levels.