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How Great Thou Art

How Great Thou Art Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved ones, you have a most wondrous piece of music written some time ago entitled “How Great Thou Art.” It is a very beautiful piece of music that allows the energy of all the chakras to rise as you feel the energy of the musical tones and get into the space of knowing the grandeur you truly have made.
When you have a chance to listen to that piece of music, allow the feeling of the whole soul and body to come into alignment with the tones of the music. Take not the understanding that “How Great Thou Art” is referring to some God out there somewhere, as the piece of music was originally written, but know how great you are — know that everything you behold, everything you feel, and everything you acknowledge to be in your realm of understanding is what you have put there. You have created it. Even ideas that you perhaps have not experienced physically but can imagine how they would be, know that truly you are the one creating that which you are extolling.
Know that you are the God to whom this piece of music was written and is sung. See how it feels to immerse yourself in how great you are — because you are. Everything that you behold you are creating moment by moment, as when you look out and see the sunrise (for those of you who are still following the five minutes of going outdoors with bare feet to behold the sunrise) or when you behold the sun going down, leaving for a while, and you know, trust, and create that it will come back again, which it does. You create everything that you experience. Call it all good. See for yourself, really feel for yourself, how great you are — because you are.