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The Decision to Go Meatless or Not

The Decision to Go Meatless or Not Robin Hinz

Let’s face it, adhering to a strict vegan diet takes tenacity and organization, and I hold great homage for those who can do it daily. My hat goes off to them. For many, going vegan is a lifestyle choice. Some people are animal enthusiasts, some are more concerned from a humanistic worldview (mindful of their carbon footprints), and others simply want a healthier way of eating.
However, for some, eschewing meat is not the answer. Managing to consume all necessary protein through amino acid intake is challenging, and for many, incorporating meat into their diets is beneficial and fulfilling. Do our diets really need to be all or nothing?
I argue for a more “flexitarian” way of eating in which one’s diet is predominately vegetarian with the occasional carnivore splurge. After all, humans are omnivores; therefore, balancing our meals with both plant and animal protein will not cause bodily harm.