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You Can Expand beyond Your Box

You Can Expand beyond Your Box Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, we are going to speak about boxes. You know boxes. You have moved from place to place, and you had to put the tangible items of life into boxes to take them with you. But what I am speaking of now is your mental box. I have likened it unto the sandbox you played in as a child. I am talking about the reality you play in — that box. You have your reality box, and it changes from time to time. You put various ideas into the box, and you let others go.

The same is true of the mental box you work with all the time. You live in a very large mental box. For each one of you, your box is somewhat the same and somewhat different because you have a shared reality. Definitely you have a shared Reality. As you work toward awakening, the box will change in size or sometimes will bulge because you gain a bit more understanding of self, and the old ideas do not really fit any longer. So from time to time, day-to-day, you change the makeup of the box and what is in it.

Now, you share a certain brand of box, but they are not uniform, and what you put in your box is definitely not the same as what others put in theirs. You have different experiences. You have come through experiences that are your own, so your box has slightly different content. It is a box nonetheless. What you are doing now, even in this time, is allowing the sides of the box to be porous or to be let down so that you can change and put new ideas, new concepts, and new self-images into it. Sometimes the old image — now that you are moving into a new image of self — does not fit in the box, and you push the sides out.