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Expand Your Dialogue with Nature

Expand Your Dialogue with Nature Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of light, look to the dynamic skies above you as you anticipate the movement from late winter to spring. You will be surprised by the lightness of being you feel as you let go of what has held you back and kept you weighted. It is a time of exquisite opening to the full possibilities of new creativity.

Make sure you bring more fluidity and mobility into your steps and body movements. Doing asanas of yoga will help you to be more present and feel how your temple is functioning. Be at ease and at peace in your body as you practice postures that speak to you and resonate powerfully.

Also take note to consciously breathe so that you fill your lungs and abdomen entirely with the awesome energy of life. You want to live from clarity and devotion to your highest good and fill with this divine power through awareness breathing. You will actually see the powerful healing energies that you are working so beautifully with.