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Essences of Nature: Flex Those Love Muscles

Essences of Nature: Flex Those Love Muscles Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Spring is in the air, and it is time to flirt with love. We love to love. We love to be loved. We seek love. We don’t feel loved. We don’t trust love. We don’t love ourselves. We don’t love others. These are all facets of learning how to love.

Most of us don’t trust ourselves enough to love. We want proof. We want commitment. We want the other person to show up so that we can feel safe enough to show up too. We want the guarantee without participating. We want love to promise us love. How do we exert and exercise our ability to love?

Baby-blue-eyes essence restores our faith in love. I like to call this essence the innocence essence. We should use it when we become jaded and full of reasons “love doesn’t work for us.” Baby-blue-eyes essence helps us to trust in our goodness. We deserve to feel safe. We deserve to feel loved. Love becomes a more natural and available state for us.