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The Birthing Pains of a New Earth

The Birthing Pains of a New Earth Grace Elohim of the Allied Command through Alison David Bird

We see the disturbance in the harmonics of your reality. This is the beginning of the division that will eventually split the quantum field of the first and second harmonic universes, separating the third and the fifth dimensions.

We regret the pain of the loss and the suffering that you must endure while in physicality. It is part of the human experience that you, in your separation from us, find hard to understand. These experiences are designed by you for your soul’s evolution. The challenge is to rise above, and every time you succeed in this, you accrue another cycle in the evolution of your soul as you journey back to Source.

Do not blame God or even those who drew swords against you. You negotiated the roles you play during your brief span in this material realm. You engaged others, who volunteered out of love for you, to play a part that would provide the necessary challenges, obstacles, and hurdles that would urge you to reach higher and attain the growth you desire in this one incarnation.