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The Shape of Things to Come

The Shape of Things to Come Grace Elohim of Allied Command through Alison David Bird

You may be increasingly aware of the deconstruction of the third paradigm as it continues around you in a series of catastrophes ranging from genocide and escalating political scenarios to unexplained natural disasters. Even the media is noting the intensity. The planet is in rebellion, and revolution is mounting on all fronts. Even in a country where the truth is hard to find among the debris of political mania, it is hard to deny that the shift is actually gathering momentum in the United States.

How many of you have even noticed? So few of you bother with the media or television, and that may be a good thing for some of you. For the others, we ask, how does it affect you? Are you looking on with compassion but with the ease of detachment? Do you experience every day as a gift in gratitude and grace? Are you unshaken by the hand that casts a shadow over two thirds of the face of Earth, and can you stand without judgment?

If you can answer those questions positively, then you are the lightbearers, the lucky ones, because you can see the bigger picture emerging here as everyone gets to play out the roles he or she has created for him- or herself in a game of truth or consequence. It’s time for you to gather together your communities so you can be sustained and prepare to be of service.