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New Insights Are Available as Your Path Thaws

New Insights Are Available as Your Path Thaws Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde and Mahatma Gandhi through Blue Turtle

You have been through a transformative winter. You have reached and stretched within your soul energy to cultivate what matters most for you now in your life as you return to full living. You feel the deepening expansion growing in your being and heart to live in the awakening spring. In the womb of the Mother, you have been planted as a seed to grow into the most abundant and beautiful form. We at Mesa Verde are attuned to your full potential and urgently have been feeding you soul food. Now you can blossom into your whole being so you can be free and serve.

The ancient ones and holy elders have been guiding you through generations to mature into your highest good and form. You are all brave hunters and gatherers and cultivators of corn, beans, and squash, and you can now integrate your sacred wisdom and knowledge into abundant living. You know how to eat from Mother Earth, where to find the sacred flowers, herbs, and plants that will nourish you on the road, your path to enlightenment. I entreat you with the elders and the Creator to cultivate this full understanding and awareness of who and what you are as sacred children of the Creator.

Eagle watches over you as you walk on your path, helping you to make your way, seeing and envisioning fully. Owl notices the subtleties and keeps you on the well-lit and assured path for your deliverance, even in the darkest night. Wolf assures you with yellow, penetrating eyes that you can still be playful and active within the community to accomplish seriously and steadfastly your goals and movement toward service.