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Essences of Nature: What We See

Essences of Nature: What We See Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

When Columbus’s party arrived in the bay of the Bahamas, the story goes that the indigenous people could not see the ships. They didn’t have a frame of reference, so their eyes could not process what they saw. Their medicine people had to assist and adjust their eyes before they could see.

Much of what we see is a function of what we can understand and our physical limitations. Unlike eagles that can see the minute scurrying of their prey or bats that can sense with natural sonar, we have certain limitations on what our senses can discern for us. Many artists can see what we may perceive as nonsensical or unimportant. They can see a deeper connection or relationship to the profound inner workings of our connections.

What do we need to open our eyes to see? Some of us see angels, ghosts, and auras, and some see the past, present, and future. Some of us see what is in each other’s hearts or what others are contracted to do. Where and how do we need to open our eyes and invite our senses to see?