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Choose a Life of Gratitude and Joy

Choose a Life of Gratitude and Joy Michel through David Reid Lowell

We have spoken to you about faith and religion; both are sitting in the same pew. And we have spoken to you about the misinterpretation and use of the law of attraction, which is not so much a law but a philosophical stance that was part of the new thought movement toward material acquisition, which, when used in such a manner, affirms the contrasting point of lack, of what you do not have, because your want is based in what you do not have.

We have also spoken to you about where you place your thought. It is not like being lazy and tossing your shoes in the corner of the room. How you think and how you go about thinking speaks to your intent. You cocreate through intent. Belief. Your truth. There is the truth of mortal mind, your wants, and those of divine mind — your soul or oneness of mindfulness. Which of these you base your intent within brings about its own consequences.

Reward and Punishment

Heaven and hell are part of the illusion of control; so are reward and punishment. These are contrivances that were invented and put into place by religious constructs. The universe and God, that greatest form of awareness that is beyond human comprehension, do not reward or punish. They only know existence and expansion, what is within the moment, your here and now. The universe (or Spirit or God) really doesn’t care about the type of house you live in, the type of car you drive, or the appearance of your significant other or spouse. After all, aren’t these the things you put up on your vision, treasure, or manifestation boards? What do they have to do with gratitude? Gratitude, indeed. These are things you care about because you think they give you status, or one up on others. You think, indeed, that it speaks to your level of success or failure. This type of thinking is not of divine mind, God, Spirit, or universal awareness. Focus on the gratitude you have for your daily life, and begin therein. Indeed. Simplicity. Life happens within the simplicity of your daily routines.