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The Eyes Control Internal Cleansing

The Eyes Control Internal Cleansing The Brotherhood of Life through Edna Frankel

Greetings, dear ones, and welcome to the new year of 2014! The energies are getting quite intense and still climbing. We are always with you to comfort you and cheer you on, whether you can feel us or not. More and more of you are getting sensitive to our presence, our love, and our counsel. We have explained in prior texts that you are connected to each other and to Earth in more ways than you may realize.

Many sources have explained these connections, but in this text, we would like to remind you that your emotions truly feed your planet. What you express, both positive and negative, is energy. Where does energy go? It does not simply dissipate; energy is never wasted in the physical or nonphysical realms. Just as souls don physical bodies and then discard those bodies, your energy is transformed from one shape to another. So is every expression that you make and every breath you take changed in shape from one form to another. Your emotions feed the earth, and she recycles her energy as weather.

Things Are Changing Fast

"Global warming" is actually a misnomer. A better name for what is occurring on Earth right now is "climate change." To truly see the changes, you must study twenty to thirty years of weather patterns. Then the changes will become evident. Extreme weather — both hot and cold — is happening now. If you look at the news, you will see similar patterns of escalating disasters, wars, and conflicts of all kinds around the globe. In these days of extreme events, from your internal emotions to external weather, we say simply, don't lose faith!