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Justice and Wisdom for Peace

Justice and Wisdom for Peace Rhonda Smith

March 2013 (27/9): March marks the end of the three-month cycle of growing the seeds you clarified and planted between October and December of last year. This vibration marks the end and beginning of the growth cycle and the harvest. It brings justice (not judgment) and wisdom (the constructive use of knowledge), which are both necessary to maintain harmony and peace, a fundamental aspect of growth and evolution. Use your experiences to achieve that justice and wisdom in your life. This month is for interacting with others from your highest awareness of universal love and brotherhood. Your goal is to fully experience and be balanced within who you are — benevolent and humanitarian.

March 1 to March 2, 2013 (57/12/3)

You begin the month with energies that provide a strong intuition, giving you the ability to create your own sense of perfection. Make sure to check with your higher guidance to understand the meaning of perfection on the material plane. Use your discernment, both physical and spiritual, to understand that all the experiences of this energy are for wisdom and growth. Make sure to discriminate and examine your ultimate goal, and you will have an outlet for this intense energy and your desire for peace and harmony will be fulfilled. Don't lose sight of the fact that you don't have to make concessions to achieve that peace and harmony. It is no longer necessary. Thursday is a day to open to ideas on a grand scale and gives you the ability to crystallize your desires using the power of imagination to move forward. Friday brings you the energies of the master messenger to help you manifest those ideas.

March 3 to March 9, 2013 (24/6)

This week will help you become sensitive to your dreams and the information that lies there. Listen to your deep inner knowing. Help yourself to manifest those dreams and your gifts to the world that you can bring through to form through your intuition. This will help you with direction and guidance when necessary. Learn to find your inner balance, which will also balance and harmonize your external world. This is a fortunate love vibration, so love yourself and spread what overflows around to all you meet. Your sensitivity and awareness will be enhanced, and if you pay attention, it can bring you heightened inspiration when you tune in to your inner knowing.