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The Evolution of Consciousness

The Evolution of Consciousness Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved ones, I will speak with you now about the evolution of consciousness on this plane. In the beginning ... you like to speak of beginnings and endings, but in truth, the beginning was not a beginning; the beginning was an is-ness that is outside of time. But in what you will understand within this point of focus, in the beginning was consciousness, awareness, is-ness — an is-ness that did not have to verbalize its is-ness to know itself. It was an is-ness of being, of expansion. And the expansion continues.

As you understand time, the consciousness was and still is expanding in its realization of is-ness. And in the expansion, it touched what you will call thought, and it desired within the expansion to know itself in all ways — beyond even what you can imagine within this point of focus. It was and is as the leavening within the bread, an expansion that has to be, that will not be denied.

And within the holiness of the whole of the is-ness, there came forth desire to express. And the desire brought forth many, many realms and many dimensions — many realities from the one reality.