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Essences of Nature: How to Spring Forward

Essences of Nature: How to Spring Forward Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

I consider this to be the true beginning of the new year. The available light changes and we can see more. We feel the surge of growth wanting to burst forth and we anticipate something coming. Many of us start our personal revolutions rather than resolutions at this juncture as we take stock of what is working and where we are going. This is the time we make true change, and that can be daunting. We realize what we can and cannot do or what we believe we can or cannot do. We can get stuck in old patterns or have fears about taking steps toward the new, but we wish to strive and thrive. We fear we can't do everything, but we can do something. It's our ability to do something that will help us to spring forward.

Gentian Essence for Self-Doubt

Gentian essence is the essence for selfdoubt and discouragement. All of us stumble, fall, and skin our knees, but our ability to get up, dust ourselves off, and start walking—or even running— again is what keeps us moving. It reminds us to not let ourselves be defined by discouragement and defeat.

Gentian essence is the setback essence. This remedy instills trust and faith in our confidence and abilities. It lends resilience, mental agility, and creativity to our challenges, and it teaches us that mishaps and obstacles are often tools for change, problem solving, and success. Gentian essence helps us to spring forward by leaping over the challenges of discouragement and self-doubt.