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Grace Under Fire

Grace Under Fire The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

I just found out that a solar storm has been going on the past couple days. Coincidentally, I have been feeling extremely anxious. This seems to be a regular occurrence for me with solar storms. As I’m sure the next one is not far off, is there a way to program the mind to translate the energy differently?

You do indeed have the ability to reprogram the mind to respond differently to any stimulation or challenge. Your response to solar flares is already a form of preprogramming. The agitation you feel from solar emissions is the friction in your field caused by electromagnetic frequencies that stimulate your body’s fightor-flight mechanism. Your subconscious mind detects a threat to your survival, and its prehistoric programming suggests that you should either stay and fight or run and “take flight.” Your mind-body connection is designed for just this purpose, and it is, in fact, doing its job.