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The Unity Heart

The Unity Heart The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

We are dying to our old ways of being, and that is reflected in the murmurs of the heart as it flickers into life as the new processing center. The heart space is the center of the chest, corresponding to the heart chakra. It carries the vibration of the color green and is the new brain.

It has not yet been possible to measure the distance of the electromagnetic field of the heart or the outer edges of its energetic signature as it pulses outward. This is evidence of unity, as it shows that we actually all share the same energetic field, or morphogenetic field, also known as the field of connectivity. The vibrations between our individual human-energy grids become very fine the further we are apart from each other, but we still share the same unified field. Think of it as living in a house filled with oxygen. We can pass from the living room into the totally different space of the bedroom, but we still breathe the same oxygen.

As we learn to bypass the linear mind, we exchange linear thought processes — and hopefully the confines of human belief systems — for more expansive conscious awareness of our reality in more feeling-based configurations, where we can read frequencies as they come in and discern them through that heart space, translating them into senses of knowing. We are becoming clairsentient and claircognizant.