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Essences of Nature: The Roots of Safety

Essences of Nature: The Roots of Safety Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We all have a certain metric that makes life feel reasonable, meaningful, filled with purpose, and worth living. When that measure gets challenged and stressed, we lose our emotional safety net or the comfort that makes us feel strong and safe.

I like to think we have an “escape root” or a “survival root” seated in our root chakras. This chakra connects us to our blood, our tribe, and our needs. What do we need to feel safe? How do we get our needs met? What do we need to survive? What do we need to do to keep a sense of safety in the face of uncertainty?

Lavender essence helps us calm the heck down. We might be overwrought with conflicting emotions of what and how we should be doing something, whether the sky is falling, and whether we can afford to be optimistic and cheerful. This essence soothes our souls and our nerves. This remedy keeps us from being depleted by all the issues we obsess about.