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Allow Creation to Move through You

Allow Creation to Move through You Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde; Mahatma Gandhi; Mother of Light; and Shockara Starbeings through Blue Turtle

Mahatma Gandhi: Beloved children of God, you are part of the new wave of those who are devoted to God and the healing energies moving through the cosmos. You understand your sacred place of service on Mother Earth and that she needs you. You abound in wisdom and joy as you take part in this extraordinary journey of life. You understand what it means to fully commit to life and all its bounty and challenges. Called on to serve with your gifts, you are ready to embark with courage and focus. You know exactly what to do. Nothing can stand in your way now that you have chosen life and love. You know what the enemy is and how to defeat it. In your vital unity with others dedicated to your great cause, you become vast vessels of the Divine pouring forth abundant healing medicine. United in your mission and efforts, you are able to bring forth powerful and transformational changes as you work on the frontlines.

Preparation, focus, and perseverance are absolutely required as you gather to create your strategies. Guided by foresight and insight, you work with others and bring your precious gifts to the table in the timely manner required in the speed of the moment. What you perceive and do are essential to maintain and sustain life. You know in your heart and soul what is most important and what you have to do. You are part of a vast mechanism continuing life as best you can in all creative ways. To accomplish this, you are filled with the Divine. As you are in the heat and tension of the healing work, always be present and observe how you can best proceed with your team. Also notice how you are faring and taking the best care of yourself in the midst of the healing crisis. Look out for yourself, your team members, and your patients at the same time.

It is as though you have eyes and awareness all over in your being and holy temple. You are able to simultaneously think, see, and know exactly what is occurring and how to meet it in the best way. Your deep meditation and presence aid you in making the best decisions and taking the best actions. Your ever-deepening relationship with God and the divine energy informs you with great wisdom and compassion to know how to proceed in the most loving and healing way. Feel the healing forces coming in and working with you and through you in order to achieve homeostasis and balance once again.