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Becoming Self-Aware

Becoming Self-Aware The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

Returning to oneness is not the return to an all-encompassing Source of All Things but a return to the wholeness of your sovereign being as the unique higher aspects of your fragmented soul selves return to a state of grace. Oneness refers to the integration of all aspects of self: current and past-life identities and memories; interdimensional, incarnational experiences (galactic, stellar, and interuniversal); and parallel expressions of your form existing concurrently on closely aligned timelines, or what you would consider other versions of this planet Earth.

Simply put, it is the reunification of all higher versions of self, incarnate or pure consciousness, retrieved from across all time and all space. It does not mean the return to the parental care of an omnipresent and somewhat benevolent being that stands on a heavenly threshold somewhere with a glass of milk in one hand and a plate of cookies in the other, waiting to welcome you home like an errant child, stroke your hair, and croon, “There, there.” You are Home! And you are everywhere in every moment of time and at every point in space able to be realized in the simultaneous now moment.

The 3D reality experienced on Earth is the anchor for all of your overarching experiences. It is a realm of free expression from one perspective — experienced and perceived as relative to another — in a structure of free choice. The experience was designed by you, for you. It is not reality in the same way your childish minds have been led to believe but an illusion created for your protection while immersed in this experience, much like childhood itself.