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Your Expiration Date

Your Expiration Date Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved ones, this message is a bit different because we speak to one who has returned to you, one who has been on a long journey and has had many experiences. We see how this pilgrim has progressed. He went on a great trek, experienced much (even beyond the realm of what you ordinarily would consider a lifetime), and has returned to you because there was a calling that went out in the form of prayers that you offered, asking this one to return. There was much in the collective consciousness of the group of friends who wanted to see this one hale and hearty and back laughing and sharing experiences that happened in the past few weeks.

Beloved one, on your trip you went to many different countries, and I speak here of the geographical locations. You went to a country known as Italy. You went to one of the ancient cities where you had lived in other lifetimes, where you had been one of the senators of the governing bodies in several lifetimes, and you had the experience of living and working and having friends in that body.

You also knew how to be the peasant — the beggar, if you will — who sat at the temple door and asked anyone passing by to share with you. So you felt in this lifetime a desire to go back and pick up certain remembrances. There was a calling within you that said, "Let us go back to see how it feels. Let us go back to experience the older buildings," the ones that you had walked in other lifetimes, and see what you feel in those buildings now as you approach them from this lifetime, this perspective. Did you feel any of the ancient history?