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Surrender to Your Highest Good

Surrender to Your Highest Good Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of light, I call to you as the Moon moves into its fullest light. You hear my whisper as you settle deeper into your unconsciousness dreams, eager to address them and what is needed. I hold you close and embrace you as you travel across the entire universe, seeking understanding and repair.

You now learn what you are capable of bringing forth from the depths of your being. You embark on the greatest voyage for your evolution. You come across appropriate and insightful creatures and beings who share with you what you already know. They present themselves in powerful yet beautiful ways.

Bear wants to play with you as you merge with Ursa Minor in the night sky. But you know the significance of Polaris as the guiding North Star at the end of the Little Dipper. Yes, you want to find your way out first and then return for others, just as Harriet Tubman did as "Moses" of the Underground Railroad.