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Don't Wait till Next Time

Don't Wait till Next Time Alison David Bird

Most of you are unaware that, metaphorically speaking at least, your journey is nearing its end. The transports are now boarding in readiness for departure to their final destinations.

Some of you are calmly slipping into spacious accommodations in first class — reclining your seats and stretching your legs, adjusting the dimmer switch and climate control, selecting a movie, and placing your order for dinner. The stewards are plumping up pillows and plying you with cool, sophisticated beverages. You have successfully claimed your sovereignty. You have mastered your manifestation skills and are able to create only what your heart desires to be your reality from one moment to the next.

Some of you are not so practiced at this time. You are squeezing yourselves clumsily down the narrow aisle, bumping and knocking knees, determined to drag the baggage you are so sure you still need with you into the overhead compartments rather than just letting go and letting it be. You must pass first class, forgo the plump white pillows and the ample legroom, and move on to shoehorn yourselves into the cheaper seats, satisfied at least in the knowledge that you can claim the window seat you requested.