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The Prime Directive

The Prime Directive Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, you have had some changes going on recently in the collective consciousness, the collective of this geopolitical grouping and other geopolitical groupings around the world. This geopolitical grouping, as it extends to the world mindset, has been quite active. You have found it a bit challenging from time to time to take it all in and wonder about it. Truly, I have seen you following my advice — taking a front row seat to watch the drama on the stage until you feel other guidance.

You have bought the seats in the front row, and it is for your enjoyment. Be in joy with it. As you will remember, you create your reality, and you will call it what you will call it. In truth, nothing can come nigh your dwelling place that is not good. Every time you have the separated ego running on stage saying, “But master, what about _____? Am I going to be without the golden coins? Am I going to have restrictions on what I can do?” you take a deep breath and say, “No, separated ego, it is okay. I am in charge, and I decree that everything works as a blessing to me.” Then you take a deep breath, sit in your seat, and watch what is going on. If someone comes to you and wants to have a discussion, you come from a place of wholeness, a place of Allness.

You look at the whole of what is happening, and you know that truly nothing can hurt you. Nothing can interrupt the awakening, the at-One-ment. In fact, what is happening on your national stage is bringing about the most wondrous recipe for the awakening. And I say that in truth, not as a joke, although, sometimes it is good to have joy and laughter.