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Essences of Nature: The Scars of Champions

Essences of Nature: The Scars of Champions Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Our biological imperative is to grow and thrive. We are programmed to bud and bloom. We see this exemplified throughout nature. A rose grows in a sandy desert seemingly devoid of water. Flowers burst through cracks in the concrete. Sea creatures make habitats from our refuse. None of these situations is ideal; however, there is a natural progression toward full expression.

We all work with injury, limitation, or predisposition. Many elite athletes achieve success despite injuries. They might have torn ligaments, injured shoulders, sprained ankles, or bruised knees. However, they persevere toward their goals. There is an inner impulse that compels the pursuit of excellence. Do our scars stifle or stimulate our growth?

To Tap into the Knowledge of Past Experiences

Chestnut bud essence empowers us to learn from our past deeds and misdeeds. This essence is often used when we just don’t get it or can’t break through something. We know the problem. We consult everyone but are stymied. We feel blocked, as if we can do nothing about the problem. We become consumed with the problem.