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Unite to Aid Refugees

Unite to Aid Refugees Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of light, you are steadfastly moving forward according to your calling and your dreams. Stay devotedly connected to the healing energies so that you can live and thrive. There is much chaos building in the world that must not be given energy. This vampiric energy is looking to create more division and upset.

There is a growing desire in your hearts to address the great needs of humanity and all living things on Mother Earth. Come together in love and solidarity to bring forth what is transforming and healing through your combined efforts. As long as you come from and live the unconditional love energy, you will be safe and well.

Open your hearts to the refugees who flee the horrible war zones and places where human rights are violated. From their deepest core, they are desperately enduring the most devastating conditions to embark on the road to safety and freedom. They need your help to create the balance and security that have been taken from them. So many people throughout the world are seeking better lives and conditions for themselves and their families. It is time for all of you to unite to make the profound transformational changes needed. Stirring through your hearts are the thriving loving energies that want to engage with you and bring forth life.