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Seek Out Honest Leaders

Seek Out Honest Leaders Mahatma Gandhi through Blue Turtle

It is time to grow more acquainted with the challenges and struggles of your sisters and brothers in your countries and throughout the world. Each of you carries a special spark and significance within the scope of the cosmos. You each can make that difference in your lives as you intersect and help one another.

Throughout the centuries of humankind, sages and spiritual teachers have emerged who have been compelled by God and the holy ones to come forward and serve. They have moved beyond their self-interests to take on corruption and inequality. Somehow in their beings and within their hearts, they understood that they had to take action with others to effectively make positive change for all people. They were called by Spirit, and they answered with courage, strength, and compassion. They could do nothing but respond in this extraordinary way with great insight.

They led the people who were oppressed and suffering through peaceful protests and sit-ins to begin to address and alleviate the pain and strife. In response, the powers that be violently attacked them and the people for not adhering to the abhorrent racism, religious and cultural hatred, and discrimination. Yet these precious leaders and people would not give up.