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Justice and Truth Will Prevail with Support

Justice and Truth Will Prevail with Support Shockara Starbeings through Blue Turtle

Beloved Earth beings, there are many innovative changes occurring within the cosmos over the next six months. In our world, where two suns connect and merge at peak intervals every three months, we undergo a rise in universal consciousness. We are called to take into consideration all beings as part of our collective community.

We cannot look out solely for ourselves and our specific species. It is against the greatest spiritual law and protocol. Because your world is in such great need of support and assistance, we are coming forth to you with great gusto. You call us to help you through your very DNA connection to us.

You Earth beings were part of our greater consciousness starting long ago. However, time and space are actually irrelevant. You are still deeply connected to us as our sisters and brothers. We tap into you because we experience your suffering and challenges as part of our cosmic central nervous system.