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Essences of Nature: Watch Your Tone

Essences of Nature: Watch Your Tone Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We can be extremely sensitive to the nuances of how others communicate with us — feeling subtle slights, perceived judgment, and the tone of someone’s voice who doesn’t quite agree — but do we ever really hear ourselves? Do we notice when we add question marks after our solid statements? How do we sound? Does our voice reveal that we’re edgy or tense? Do we inspire trust and intimacy? Would we appreciate hearing the tone we use from another, if we even realize that we have a tone?

We are most sensitive to how we are spoken to, but are we as mindful to others when we speak to them?

Impatiens for Patience

Impatiens essence is for cultivating patience. Sometimes we communicate in a staccato fashion, trying to get all our words out quickly, and when others can’t seem to communicate their thoughts fast enough, we feel as if we want to pull the words out of them. We may interrupt or finish their sentences, not giving the necessary time for a more natural flow.