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Celebrate as the Flowers in the Field Do

Celebrate as the Flowers in the Field Do Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

You might have felt as if you were dying over the winter months, bleeding out redundant energies. Your physical, emotional, and mental bodies purged old habits and behaviors, venting memories and painful attachments. In some way, you have severed the shadow that has stalked you throughout the years of your experiences here on the Earth plane.

Shadows can only be cast where there is a lack of light. The objects of your desires stand between you and the light. They are the ones casting the shadows, do you see? Let them go!

Yes, this may feel like a loss, and a period of mourning may be required but only as an acknowledgment of the passing of something that has served you well. Do not be saddened or alarmed by the shedding of these characteristics; the old you is laying down like a red carpet for your emerging self to walk on as you cross the threshold of a new beginning. This time is filled with more vibrant forms of expression just waiting to be captured in music, poetry, and art. Like a painting on fresh white canvas, life is colored by a pallet of rich hues and strong vibrations, much like the sunflowers, lilacs, and dancing daffodils.