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Meet with Your Guides; Learn Everything You Can

Meet with Your Guides; Learn Everything You Can Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde through Blue Turtle

Devoted children of the Creator, your destiny is infinite like the stars within the universe. You are capable of overcoming any obstacle or evil because of your divine identity. Unify with the healing sustenance of the Creator, and you will thrive in the world. You must realize and understand your sacred blueprint and worth.

As you sleep at night, allow the blessed Mother and Father energies to guide you and lead you on tremendous journeys into your soul energy deeply connected with the cosmos. You will come in touch with multidimensional beings who serve the Creator and serve you also. Learn everything you can in these internal travels within yourself, which take you to significant heights and resonate within the whole scope of creation.

You are being called to recognize and realize yourself as a sacred starseed and a divine and blessed daughter or son. You carry within your very soul and being the knowledge and wisdom to create the most abundant and nurturing opportunities for yourself and others. Do not give way to the awful despair and deceit being created by negative forces in the world to distract you from your true breath and spiritual calling.