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Jeshua Speaks About Mary Magdalene

Jeshua Speaks About Mary Magdalene Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, I have been told that ones are interested in hearing about any romance, love, in my life. Well, for me, it was not something that I had planned. I planned to go to the Essene community to study all of the manuscripts; I planned to go to the temple in Jerusalem and ask questions of the high priest — at least as high as I could go, because they did not allow me, little plebe that I was, to speak to the high priest. The ones that I did speak with gave me answers to some of my questions, but I knew that those answers were not the complete Truth — capital "T." But that was as much as they knew, and after a while they grew tired of my questioning, so I went out on my own to find out — as you have done — what more there is. I want to know mySelf — capital "S."

So at the age of sixteen, I joined a caravan going to what is now called India to study with masters there. This was where I had my first learning of a camel and my first true understanding of the communication of Oneness, because that camel would not allow me to ride, would not bend down for me to get onto him. I was tall of stature. I was six feet tall, perhaps a bit more than that, and robust — not quite as robust as my cousin John, but I had a good physique.

But this camel would not allow me to ride upon him. He would not come down. I tugged, no answer; he would not come down. I tried pushing from the rear. That does not work; you do not need to try that. I tried pleading, cajoling. I tried talking to the other camel masters in the caravan, "How do I get this camel to come down so that I can get up on it?" I even asked if they had a ladder to climb up there. If he was not going to come down for me, then maybe I had to climb up. And they laughed at me, of course.