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How to Adjust Gracefully to the Planet's Rising Energies

How to Adjust Gracefully to the Planet's Rising Energies The Brotherhood of Light through Edna Frankel

Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light. As ever, we gather in great numbers to smooth your journey on the metaphysical path. In this written channeling, we will focus on issues that concern a great many readers in this now time in the midyear of 2014. The queries: "Please clear my energetic meridians" and "Please clear and balance my chakras" go hand in hand, like the chakra pair of the heart and solar plexus. We use this pair as an example because it is very much affected by your level of fear and the level of health of your emotional layer.

If your emotional body is clogged or otherwise out of balance, none of the work you do in any daily practice will be of lasting benefit. It is also important to point out that as soon as your meridians become clear enough to be free flowing, your chakras begin to clear by draining pressure. Your four-layered body (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) is so efficient that clearing the meridians and then the chakras becomes a two-step process that is difficult to separate.

Within The Circle of Grace works was a section called Pre-Ascensionitis. Here we include an update that we lovingly call Post-Ascensionitis [chuckles]. Many people are experiencing sensory difficulties in the transition from linear time to what we call "now" time. Contained in your current, present moment is all time; in reality, the past, present, and future do not exist. Every moment is now! Given that, how do you function in your day-to-day lives — at your jobs, your errands, and your at-home time being with family and friends? Due to the speeding up of time, some people develop a fear of embracing now time if it means losing their grip on linear time. This situation can become a quandary that limits your healing, and thus your metaphysical progress, at a time when you truly need to advance at all levels.