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Unity of Being

Unity of Being Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde through Blue Turtle

Children of our Creator, take notice of the fresh, succulent fragrances of the emerging plants and flowers growing abundantly in the valleys and on the mountainsides. The wind carries these lush natural perfumes to awaken all your senses for revelry and celebration. Mother Earth is moving toward her radiant summer blossoming in the verdant and rocky hillsides of Mesa Verde.

Owl and Eagle are very attuned to the subtle, shifting energies that are caused by the increase of temperature and light. Each of these allies penetrates the illusions of the night and day so you can live in a real, spirit-filled world that is fully present and alive.

Feel the coolness of the swiftly flowing waters in your fingers and hands, allowing Mother Earth and the sacred feminine energy to support and guide you in your soul journeys with great sustenance. Their loving energy through this sweet embrace catapults you into the grace of the heavens.