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Essences of Nature: Dealing with Fear and Trauma

Essences of Nature: Dealing with Fear and Trauma Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Boston. I watch with much pain and compassion as the stories of shock, pain, and bravery unfold. It makes us question: What would we do if faced with such a trauma? Would we try to hide? Would we crack the glass and pull the lever? Would we run toward the event or away from it? What makes a hero a hero?

We imagine the unimaginable and see it broadcast daily in every form of media. It is a further reminder of how truly connected we are. We are not separated by time and geography. We are not separated at all. Every thing or situation we see becomes part of us. How do we conserve and preserve?

Mimulus Essence for Managing Everyday Fears

Mimulus essence is the essence used for known fears. This essence doesn't eliminate the fear itself but amps up your courage. It assists you in rallying your internal forces. It doesn't negate the fear; it gives you the tools to work through it. Sometimes fears can be the simple, annoying things that prevent you from fully expressing yourself and being fully alive. Sometimes you fear taking the next step, not speaking your truth, not fitting into your cool jeans, or what people think about you. You may even fear eating chocolate because it may add a few more pounds. Other fears are more daunting, such as the fear of flying, the fear of dying, the fear of driving on the freeway, or the fear of spiders. All of these fears create some type of impact.