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Channeling and Non-Separation

Channeling and Non-Separation Jeshua (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved ones, many in your world have asked, "What is channeling?" Many have been afraid of it and have said things like, "Channeling is an opening to things that I do not understand." And that statement is very true in the world. The ego sees much to fear because it does not understand and cannot comprehend the whole self.

An Opening to a Greater Awareness of Who You Are

Channeling is opening to a greater awareness of who you are. In the dream of the holy child — which is who you are — you drew an imaginary boundary between your body and the personality that you felt yourself to be and said, "This is all there is to me. This is who I am" — forgetting that you were the one who drew the boundary in the first place. You are the one defining the boundary, and in doing that, you have drawn a boundary in a great sea of beingness, the great sea of beingness that you are. That boundary exists nowhere except in your own mind and belief.

When you open yourself to a greater awareness, you are opening yourself to the rest of the sea of light and beingness. You go beyond the boundary for a moment or two when you sit in meditation, and you feel an expanded sense of self. You are going beyond the self-imposed boundary that you have put there, and you are tapping into the greater part of yourself. There is nothing outside of you. There is nothing outside of you. There is nothing to fear. Everything that you experience is in your consciousness, and it is you.