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The Ever-Changing Hologram

The Ever-Changing Hologram Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, we will continue speaking of the holograms. I have used the concept of a hologram as another way of explaining your reality — lowercase r. Your reality is, as it has been noted in other writings, an illusion. It is not real in the sense that it is fixed. It changes.

Your Reality — capital R — is the Christ spirit of you that allows you to create your hologram, your reality with a lowercase r. It is a way of understanding that when you are in the hologram and you have your nose to the window pane, you do not always know that it is a hologram, an illusion, a creation that you are making for yourself.

The Importance of Being a Beholder

That is why some time ago we spoke of the importance of being a beholder, of being able to take a deep breath, step back from whatever is going on, and ask, “What is truly happening here?” We spoke of being able to watch it as you would watch a play, a drama in your theater, or a show on your big screen — to watch it from a place of nonjudgment, a place of neutrality. We spoke of the importance of just watching.