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Living the Dream Awake

Living the Dream Awake Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, as we have spoken in recent times, you are the wave coming off the ocean — the ocean of being, the ocean of allness. I have called it the father because it is the source of your being. I could just as well call it the mother, because it is the source of your being. But it is even vaster than what you think when you think of mother or father. It is the allness of being, the same as the ocean is to the waves coming off it.

You in your expression on this day and at this time are the wave coming from the ocean of allness, the ocean of being. You express as a wave of energy, calling yourself by an individuated name and having what you understand as an individuated particle of energy to express during a certain day and at a certain time. When you, as the wave that you are, feel that you have finished this expression, you will sink back into the ocean of being very peacefully.