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The Crown of Thorns

The Crown of Thorns Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, you have asked to know your holiness. You have asked to know your power. You have been caught up in the, “What if there is other than light? What if there is other than wholeness and healing?” And you have played as children with the toys of fear. But you no longer need to stay in that place. No longer, in truth, need you wear the mask upon the face, hiding the holiness of you. Allow your holiness — the light that you are — to come alive. Be happy. Do not go around with your head cast down and eyes looking for whatever could be fearsome.

Allow yourself to put back the shoulders and walk upright as the one you have ordained to be the Christ incarnate. Allow yourself to walk forward in courage — coeur, of the heart — the courage of being the divine one. This is what I did in my time. There were many who did not understand it. In this time, there are also many who will not understand it. But I say unto you, the joy of the Father is yours as you will claim it. The joy of the Father is yours for the taking, for the acknowledgment: “I am healed,” and all the brothers and sisters you love are healed as well. If, for a moment or so, they know it not, in truth it does not matter. They are healed, and they will go forward as healed. Speak it, claim it, and know it. Allow them to know that they are in your holy thoughts and prayers. “My prayers are powerful.” Say this to other ones when you write certain letters and emails. Tell them they are held in your prayers with the divine knowledge that they are healed. They may or may not accept it in the moment. It is a choice. But I give unto you a commandment to see them as whole and healed. That is how powerful your knowing is.

The week known as Holy Week, the week of my entrance into Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, according to the teaching with which I was raised in that lifetime, was not the only religious teaching I have experienced in my several lifetimes. I partook of many streams of religious consciousness in different incarnations, as you call them, because I wanted to know. I wanted to be all that I could be. You have a slogan like that.