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Benevolent Outcomes: Enhance Comfort and Security

Benevolent Outcomes: Enhance Comfort and Security Tom T. Moore

Tom writes: Here is a story my wife, Dena, told me. The other day, she went to Kroger for groceries, to our bank to make a deposit, and to a nearby bank to make a payment. The nearby bank had closed early. The payment was due that day, so she requested an MBO to find a way to make the payment. She returned home and found out that she could make the payment online. No longer will we have to stop at the bank, as the payment will be made automatically each month. It had seemed easy to stop by before, as that bank is literally next door to our personal bank. But now there are no more concerns as to whether the bank is open or not or someone is ahead of us in the drive-through.

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Joanne writes: In our town, for whatever reason, every storefront that has a window was vandalized by a group of mischievous youngsters. They etched in the glass a message that is hard to read. They did this along the entire avenue, except at my husband’s office. I believe the MBOs I’ve been requesting and BPs I have said protect my family. This is incredible and I thank you, Tom, and our GA!