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Be Centered and Live Your Grace

Be Centered and Live Your Grace Various Beings through Blue Turtle

Mahatma Gandhi: Beloved children of God, it has been devastating to see what you have been struggling through these past few months. A deadly specter has reached toward, touched, and overwhelmed people throughout the world in a ferocious way. It has caused you to drastically alter your daily lives so that you can be safe, spared, and alive. Each of you has been born into this tumultuous, terrifying time, and you are at wit’s end to face, meet, and defeat it. Many of you are being called to the frontlines to utilize your gifts, blessings, and skills at great personal cost and sacrifice. You are willingly coming forth and making the difference in meeting this horrible tragedy.

You have never experienced anything like this in your lifetime, unless you have suffered and cared for others in earlier world catastrophes, pandemics, or wars. You know of historic cataclysms where hundreds of thousands of people have become sick, suffered, and died. But you did not expect this silent killer to come into the world and intrude on you and your sisters and brothers so quickly and mercilessly. Some of you are ill with no symptoms or mild symptoms. The greatest danger is that you could be an asymptomatic carrier to others.

You are living in containment and wearing a mask to protect others as you go out only for essential services and food. You are required to remain steadfast and in place, staying at home. You are educating your children and keeping them busy with activities outdoors and at home. You can keep in touch with loved ones, friends, and colleagues through the vast technological system that has been created and enhanced worldwide. You can be entertained and entertain one another, sharing through videos and numerous kinds of devices. Yet you also know that you must keep building your relationship with God and the divine energy to see you through and help you understand what is going on. You spend time meditating and doing yoga and affirmations. You ask for centeredness, balance, and clarity in your soul center and being so that you can be present for and with others and serve them to your best ability.