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Essences of Nature: Where and What We Are

Essences of Nature: Where and What We Are Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

How much difficulty do we have owning who we are? We hesitate owning our talents, and we make judgments and comparisons about what a real artist, writer, businessperson, or singer should be. How easily can we state: “I’m an artist!” “I’m a writer!” “I’m a singer!” “I’m an entrepreneur!” It takes a lot to make a declaration about who we are. The ongoing question is: “Are we there yet?”

What does it look like to embrace all the parts of us? Does it look scary? Does it look self-indulgent? Does it look empowering? Does it seem achievable? We all have hidden and missing pieces that we attempt to find and identify. We can see these talents and missteps in others, but we might be reluctant to see and act on our own. What would it look like if we didn’t judge and compare who, where, and what we are?