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You Are Returning to Unity

You Are Returning to Unity Council of Transition through Takeli MMagdalen

Beloved hearts, I am Mufa, speaking to you this day as the voice of the Council of Transition. You, in your love, came to Earth to be of service in the cycles of change now well under way on the planet, throughout your solar system, and far beyond. The consciousness you brought with you from your natural state of light is more powerful than the incoming codes of transformation carried to you by the light of your Sun.

The Sun's rays, both visible and invisible to your eyes and awareness, demand now that you activate your inner knowingness of how it is to live in a world based in love that focuses on unity rather than the separation that duality imposes as its default setting. But duality is no longer the default setting on your planet. Unity now takes its place there. However, having been seemingly governed by duality for so long, you discover that it is not so easy to adjust your thought processes (as you perceive it) into a reality where love is the foundational construct that governs how you think, feel, and act in every moment.

When you came to Earth in your greatness of love, you offered to be one who would recognize, as a way-shower, a lightworker, a wanderer, or a starseed, the profoundness of love as a force for change. You have chosen, at the level of the heart, to celebrate unity, harmony, and compassion. Yet you struggle with being this expression as you perceive it.