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You Are Part of Everything God Created

You Are Part of Everything God Created Shockara Starbeings through Blue Turtle

Beloved Earth beings, what a celebration of joy and wonder it is as you gather with cosmic forces and positive alien energies to work together for the common good of the universe! You continue to make inroads in understanding your vital role in making substantial contributions to the welfare and well-being of all sentient beings within creation.

How remarkable it is that you gather with astute, like-minded, progressive beings committed to the highest good for all. You astral travel and move though multiple dimensions to contribute to what brings about transformational shifts and changes within the scope of the healing processes.

You are learning that there is even more alive and living than what you have been taught and that you have experienced. The past, present, and future are entirely accessible through the intuitive arts so that ancient and generational family and societal curses and dysfunctions can be changed through love energy.